How to Set up a Croquet Set – Enjoy Your Moments with Friends

Croquet is almost like the golf game in a miniature version. You hit the ball with mallets and start scoring to win the match. There are more crazy things available in this game. Do you know how to play a croquet set game? Or do you want to discover how to set up a croquet set?

How to Set Up & Play Croquet
How to Set Up & Play Croquet

You should know the basic and easy croquet rules before learning how to play croquet. There are several steps when setting up a croquet game before playing in a tournament or with friends.

Read the below information to learn how to play this popular outdoor sport. It features hitting balls through wickets with mallets.

What Is Croquet Played On?

Usually, you can play croquet on the grass. It requires equipment like wickets, mallets, and balls. Many players play this popular outdoor croquet game on sand or hard surfaces. It can be cement or asphalt surface.

What Are the Basic Rules of Croquet Set Up?

Like other ball-hitting games, croquet has some primary rules to continue the game. These include:

  • Each player gets four hits per turn (per ball).
  • You cannot make the last stroke until the ball is past the peg (hole).
  • Each team’s turn ends after a total of eight hits have been made by one player from either side.
  • Players with no hits left can pass the remaining hits to others in their team who still have some hits.
  • A ball can go through one or more hoops during a player’s turn.
  • A ball cannot go through the same hoop twice.

How Do You Set Up the Game of Croquet?

To start croquet, select aside and place both balls within 2 feet from the edge of the boundary line (your end line). Then, place all wickets on this end line with each set up at about 3 feet apart from another setup wicket.

Each team should have 4 stakes at least to mark the area of wickets sited along perimeter lines.  It will run parallel to the boundary lines around your playing area. The two wickets at opposite ends should be located on the boundary line closer to your side.

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How Do You Keep Score in Croquet?

The team hitting its ball through each wicket gets one point. It depends on how many wickets are set up around the field perimeter.

Now, the game starts with one team serving. It means selecting a player who hits first. If this player scores, his/her opponents will get their turn next and alternate between both teams. It continues until they have served all four balls.

Suppose a ball goes past a wicket. You can count as a point for the other team instead of going towards a boundary line or a peg.

You can score points by going a ball past any number of closed hoops. But there is no point in passing through the open hoops again.

Each of the two wickets is farther from your playing line. It shall be worth more points than those closer.

How to Play Croquet Games
How to Play Croquet Games

What is Poisoned Wicket in Croquet?

For example, you miss hitting the ball through one or both wickets. Then, you will have poisoned balls which are known as “poisoned wickets.” These balls will remain out of play until they are hit through the proper target.

In case a player hits a ball accidentally, then that ball goes into play. Opponents can hit it just like any other ball on the field.

However, if this happens unwanted, then that ball is a poisoned wicket. Also, it cannot be hit until it goes through one of the wickets. As an example: someone else on another team hits the ball on the way.

How Do You Hit A Croquet Ball after Set Up?

The game starts with one team serving, meaning to choose a player who hits first. It also includes choosing balls for all players.

The player hitting first should have some balls within a circle of 2 feet from the wickets. If it’s not, then it’s still your turn to count. But you will lose a point for going off-side without making a hit afterward.

What Happens When You Hit a Ball in Croquet?

Each time a player makes a successful hit, they get four strikes with a mallet while getting their ball through all the hoops. It may also happen if the ball past all their opponent’s balls until the end-line peg near their side.

This number of four hits per turn shall continue even if your ball already went through hoops earlier. If you hit another’s ball by mistake, you can play your own ball without any penalizing. But there are two exceptions:

a) If you heat the opponent’s ball by mistake, it goes back to the last hoop that the player went through before hitting your ball.

b) If you hit your opponent’s ball in front of a wicket (hoop), then their ball will go towards the nearest boundary line instead.

Your turn will end after you miss taking of opponent’s ball. You should wait for the next turn after hitting another player’s ball.

Final Verdict

Most people prefer to try it as outdoor recreation, but some also pursue indoor playing. You can play it on one of the small lawns. Plus, this is a great chance to meet up with friends. You can start the croquet lawn game right now! No more dilemma on how to set up a croquet set!

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