How to Set Up Poker Chips – The Easiest Way

Poker is a popular online or offline indoor game. You can play using real and virtual poker chips depending on the game. These chips are an essential part of the poker game. But many of the players don’t know how to set up poker chips.

This article talks about the configuration of chips used in a poker game. It may be a helpful asset before you start playing another match.

How to Set Up Poker Chips
How to Set Up Poker Chips

If you are playing with cheap plastic chips, then it may not look satisfying. But it can be important to give an elegant look to the poker game setup. For example, premium clay poker chips can be a part of the beautiful configuration.

Why do You Need to Set Up Poker Chips?

Poker tables come with a pre-set amount of chips. It can be 100 each for white, red, blue, and green colors.

But think about an emergency. You place additional bets on the table and need more poker chips. You can place them in front of players who win a pot or bet/raise during hand play. In such a case, there are supposed to be enough poker chips on the poker table.

Initial Setup of Poker Chips

The standard chip setup is 100 chips for each of the four colors. But you can change it in need.

For example, you can use 75 blue and 25 green chips instead of 100 of each color to make your poker dealer’s game easier. Again, you can use 50 white and 150 red chips or vice versa.

There is a basic idea behind how to set up poker chips. All players around the table will have an equal number of low denomination chips in front of them.

It makes the work easy for dealers to deal with money during hand play. It also helps ensure that no player feels left out on some good low stakes’ hands only.

They may have a smaller number of lower-value chips available with them. Then again, other players have more than themselves simultaneously.

Poker Chips Setup Method
Poker Chips Setup Method

Official Set Up Poker Chips

You may be searching for “Texas Holdem poker chips set up” officially. But unfortunately, there is no official poker chip setup rule guide available.

But you can follow some basic guidelines. These guidelines will help you in proper money management. Also, the dealers do their work quickly following them.

It’s always better if players keep an equal number of chips in each color stack with them. But there can be exceptional cases.

Suppose a player has 100 blue and 200 red chips. Alternatively, the other player has 75 blue and 250 green chips. So, it doesn’t mean that he is cheating or stealing from the table.

You can doubt him because every player has a different size of bankroll. Also, they need to make sure that they play with an appropriate amount of chips according to it.

Think that the red chip stack is bigger than the blue. Then, the dealer can identify the topmost chip using a black marker.

The chip number is not such a crucial thing. But their placement can cause problems during hand play. Especially when players place bets or raise after folding their hands, it is important. It defines that the dealer needs to move around poker chips for stack-making in different denominations.

Professional Set Up of Poker Chips

Again, it is not an official rule to set up the poker chips.

However, look at any professional poker game or tournament. You can see that all the used poker chips are adequately aligned according to denominations. There is no messy overlapping on tables.

Every player has their poker chip rack behind their seat. There he keeps his bet worth poker chips separately from other colors. It depends on how much was used before him.

It allows dealers to easily pick up the needed number of single denomination or mixed color stacks. There will be no worry about wrong placement. After all, each player keeps their bet worth poker chips separately in racks behind them.

Check out this video for better help:

How to Shuffle Poker Chips | Poker Tutorials (Video Courtesy: Howcast)

Plastic Poker Chips Set Up

You may not align the plastic poker chips properly. Maybe no chip rack is available for players to play with. It means that all used chips will be stacked one over another on the table. You will stack them according to their denominations instead of being placed in front of each player.

This setup creates a mess during hand play. The reason is every time dealer needs to pick up all the stacks for additional poker chips. Again, he needs to place back the same number of mixed-color stacks again.

Not only that, but he also needs to make sure not to create a mess next to every player. He may have stacked high-denomination chips already.

Professional dealers have separate trays for each denomination.  They can quickly pick up the required poker chip stack without creating a mess.

Importance of Poker Racks

It’s always better if you have some racks available behind your seat. In these racks, you can keep your bet worth of poker chips separate from other colors.  

It will allow every player to keep their own bet worth stacked separately in a rack behind them. It will benefit all interested parties during the gameplay.

Also, others don’t have to worry about the proper denomination placement while making bets or raising. The dealer can move around freely at a time when it’s needed without any hesitation.

Private vs Public Poker

You are attending a private card game. Then there can be basic guidelines are already followed at the table

 If it is a public card game held in a bar or casino, you should ask for help from a house dealer. You can ask them about proper poker chip setup before you play. After all, they can use them better.

You’ll have to deal with messy chip placement and the frequent need for additional stacks.

Likewise, there might be no rack available behind the players’ seats. Then, you should point out that dealers should keep stack sizes small. It will help every player spot the stack easily to place his bet on a table.

A Great Example of Poker Set-Up Chips:

Suppose you have stacked all poker chips in front of every player according to their denominations. There is no messy overlapping or mixing up on tables.

It helps the dealer to pick up chips freely during gameplay. Players can easily keep track of all wagered and not wagered chips.  They can easily identify which chips are present in stacks in front of them.

Suppose there is only $100 left behind. Then, it will be easy for players if they have 100, 25, 10, and 5 chips available. Alternatively, the low-denomination chips can create a mess with high-value ones unless you use colored chips.

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