25 Best Family Card Games To Play for Fun & Leisure

Everybody loves to be with family, play with family. Playing family card games like Uno can energize every member. Also, it is the finest way to build strong bonds between adults and teens. How about playing some family card games to bring out the family bonding even more?

Here are 25 family card games that you should know for fun and leisure:

25 Best Family Card Games
25 Best Family Card Games

1. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition:

This is an unofficial extension of the popular party game Cards Against Humanity, but this time, it’s family-friendly! It is basically the same as the original game, except all its cards have been replaced by cards suitable for family play. The game includes 550 white cards and 100 black cards with 40 family rule extensions included in each deck, plus five blank cards that you can use to customize the game.

2. Rat a Tat Cat:

This family card game is perfect for a family party, reunion, gathering, or even play date! The game lets you become two rat catchers competing against each other to catch as many rats as possible within one hour without getting bitten by the cats.

3. Slamwich:

Players make sets of matching cards before they slam them down and yell, “Slamwich!” This family card game requires fast hands and sharp eyes because players make more sets per minute than any other card game out there.

4. Exploding Kittens:

Exploding Kittens is a kind Russian Roulette game. In this game, you need to draw cards until someone loses by drawing an exploding kitten. The game is family-friendly because it can also be played with family pets!

5. Sushi Go:

In this family card game, players will take on the role of a sushi chef who serves different types of sushi to his customers by playing cards from their hands. Each type of sushi has its platter, and sushi must go from the kitchen to the correct platter in front of a player, or a grey card gets turned over for each card a player plays incorrectly. If all the grey cards get revealed before a player plays all their cards, then everyone loses.

6. Nutts About Mutts:

This family card game is somehow similar to Uno where you have draw two cards, pick one play one as long as you can follow the cards played. You have to help Nutty the Squirrel find his family by getting through all obstacles in your way!

7. Family Feud Strikeout Card Game:

This card game lets you put your family knowledge to the test with hundreds of fill-in-the-blank survey questions from TV’s #1 game show, family feud, where two teams try to guess what top survey answers are.

8. Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets:

This best card game for the family is a must-have for a family who loves trivia games! Players will play their cards until they cover or match one of five categories on the board then they will take that category. Whoever covers four of them first wins!

9. Goat Lords:

Suppose you are looking for the best card games for the family. You can choose the Goat Lords. Players take on the role of goats trying to dominate the hill. Players draw Animal cards from a deck and place them in front of them, with each card representing a type of animal, but every player only gets one kind of animal. After placing their animals on their boards, they will play an action card that can move some or all pieces around the board while also using special powers. But watch out for Wolf! If you ever get 3 wolf cards, then you lose!

10. Monopoly Deal:

This game is nothing like its real-life counterpart because players will collect playing cards from a central pile and won’t have to buy a property or pay rent at all. Instead, they just must collect 3 cards of the same type to sell them. The family card game also includes unique cards that can steal money or move other players’ pieces around!

Best Family Card Games to Play with Family
Best Family Card Games to Play with Family

11. Monster Match Dice and Card Game:

The Monster Match card game is my favorite because it has no reading required, its quick to learn and fun for all ages! Players will roll dice on their turn then use the matched results on the dice to make monster matches. After matching, players will take turns drawing Monster Cards from a deck of 20 cards but each player only gets 5 Monster Cards in their hand at once so they may have to pass some on.

12. Card ‘n Go Seek:

In this card game for family members, players will try to find clues leading to stolen family treasures before anyone else. Players will try to figure out which family member they suspect, what the family heirloom looks like, where it is hidden and why that family member stole it!

13. We Rate Dogs! The Card Game:

This family card game is family approved because players pretend they are rating dogs by using adjectives instead of numbers! There are five categories in this family card game: Smartest Dog Breed, Best Looking Dog Breeds, Cutest Puppies, Most Unique Dogs, or Best Watch Dogs. Players get points for matching their dog cards with the adjective cards, so pick carefully!

14. Uno Flip:

Uno Flip is super fun because if you have an Uno deck at home already, you are already halfway to playing this family card game! This family card game has two phases that players will complete in order. In phase one, players try to make pairs of cards with the same numbers. Phase two is where family members flip over each other’s cards and try to match teammates or gather sets before they get their sets flipped by another family member!

15. Spot it:

This family card game is one of the popular family card games. It lets family members play the same exact family card game only if they have a matching symbol between their respective Spot It cards; they can claim them!

16. Chomp:

A family that chomps together stays together because everyone must chomp on all of the circle chips in for them to win in this family card game! This family card game requires family members to look at the symbols on their cards, but they have only 10 seconds to act. If family members make a match, they can chomp all of the chips with that symbol!

17. Dobble:

Everyone wants to play this super simple, fast family card game! Each turn in this family card game has players looking for matches between two images on their cards by flipping over one card and trying to find another one with an image that matches it. Players can discard pairs if they want but be careful not to miss any or you could lose the game!

18. Smack it:

You can pick Smack it as one of the top family card games. In this game, everyone must have different subsets of face-up family card game cards in the center to make pairs or sets of three family card game cards to get rid of them. To avoid family member’s family card game cards, smack a family card!

19. Snappy Dressers:

Family members must put together outfits for their family pet dog. They need to snap together different clothes from the pile in the middle with matching symbols. If family members can complete an outfit before anyone else, they can discard it and take another turn!

Are you looking for new family card games? Blink is one of the new card games, becoming a choice to many families. Family members need to keep track of what is being flipped over but turn away when it is time for them to look at the floor again because if they look too soon, family members may miss their chance to find family card game matches!

21. Kings in the Corners:

This card game is another suitable family card game for playing. Players try to break out of jail by collecting cards that have no match in the family card game deck.  They can place them next to each other and make a King. But you need to watch out for family members who are trying to put card game pieces in jail, so you’ll never win!

22. Sleeping Queens:

Players will attempt to wake up four queens before any other family member can claim them in this family card game! To do so, players must build sets of Royals but watch out for pesky Jacks that could ruin everything! Careful when building sets because family members can steal family card game cards from each other to complete their family card game sets.

23. Super Fight:

The Super Fight is a friendly game to play in the backyard, lawn, or drawing-room. The players take turns being family heroes or family villains to fight against one another in a family card game battle! To win the game, players must use their fists and wits to knock out their opponent’s heart health before they run out of hearts themselves! The player having maximum super-fighting heroes wins the game!

Family Card Games
New Family Card Games

24. Slapzi:

Slapzi is one of the best family card games for adults. In this game, everyone wants to be faster than anyone else when it comes time to slap down all the cards. Each turn in this game, family members need to remember to watch the timer and slap down cards as quickly as possible. If family members can complete combos or sets, they will get an extra family card game turn!

25. Forbidden Island:

This is the last family card game on our list. In this card game to play at the yard, family members explore a lost island to find four relics that will help them escape before the entire family card game island sinks into the sea! Each turn, players will try to move their game pawns across the island safely. Also attempts to solve family card games puzzles like riddles and mazes that stand between them and the seals of Atlantis before it’s too late!


Many of us search online how to play family card games. Also, they don’t know what the best family card games are. This article includes all possible yard card games for the family. You can start playing any of them with your friends and family.

No more waiting! Have fun together! Start playing card games for large groups.

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