How to Win Connect 4 Every Time?

Have you ever played Connect 4 (or Connect Four)? If not, then no worries. It is effortless to play this game. But you might be looking for how to win Connect 4 every time?

How to win at Connect 4
How to win at Connect 4

What is the Connect 4 Game?

The Connect 4 big game is simply a board game. In this game, players must use their intellect to gain the competitive upper hand over their opponent. The first player who can get four tokens in a row wins, but this is no easy task.

Other versions of the game (like jumbo connect four) require players to win three tokens in a row or even five tokens in a row. If you own the Connect 4 board game and want ideas on playing it with another person, read on.

Connect 4 Invention

According to history, James Brunot is the inventor of Connect 4 Game. He applied for copyright protection on July 5th, 1974. It meant he got all rights over other possible variations of the game. Was Mr. Brunot the Connect Four game inventor?

James Brunot worked for Milton Bradley Company at first. There he got most of his ideas. He was a divisional general manager. Also, he was known as an inventor during his early days with Milton Bradley.

At first, James Brunot didn’t think about selling his idea. But he ended up leaving Milton Bradley Company to develop his own business called “Brunot Games”.

So, if you are wondering who invented connect four board game, here are some interesting facts:

Mr. Brunot got all rights over other variations of the game during working at Milton Bradley Company. His main aim was not to sell or make money from his creation but to eliminate competition.

It was only after a short while when Brunot realized that the game could be a source of additional income – in 1978. Then, Mr. Brunot tried to sell his connect four game idea. He managed to get a patent for Connect four. It would help him to prohibit others from selling their own version of this game.

James Brunot still holds all rights over Connect 4 even. Yet Milton Bradley Company went through many changes over the past 20 years. If you are asking who the inventor is, James Brunot is your answer.

Certainly, there were no versions made before 1974. According to some statistics, more than 200 million units of this game have been sold so far.

The National Toy Hall of Fame included the game in the year 2011. Its 40th official anniversary happened five years in 2006.

Connect 4 Outdoor Game Basic Strategies

Before we start, let’s revise the basics of the game. There are 64 spaces on the grid. The first player uses checkers of their color, while the second player uses another color, usually red or yellow.

The players decide who goes first – one player will put a checker in the top right space on the board – this is called “the cone”.

After that both players alternate putting their checkers on any available space on the board, moving vertically or horizontally until someone has four of their own checkers in a row – this is called a “row”.

The first player should get four checkers in a row. They can get it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to be victorious. It can be called a tie when neither player has won till the game is finished.

The other thing that can happen when no one has won by the end of the game is if all 64 spaces are filled. In this case, whoever has filled more checkers wins!

A move consists of moving one single checker into a space somewhere on the board, provided there are no other pieces in between. The turn ends once all your pieces have been played.

When you play your second to the last piece, you should separate your remaining piece from its fellows with another checker. Otherwise, your opponent can play their next piece on top of it.

How to Win Connect 4 Every Time at Outdoor & Indoor

How to win Connect 4 Every Time
How to win Connect 4 Every Time

How to win in connect 4 is not a trouble anymore. Let’s try the best strategy skills to win at Connect 4 game with a complete solution now:

Don’t make early mistakes.

If you make an early mistake, like placing your pieces too close to the center or allowing your opponent to big connect four in a row very early, then you may be forced into tough choices later in the game which will probably lose you victory.

Although there is no perfect strategy for all possible situations, we suggest playing defensively with blocked corners for beginners. Also, you should take full advantage of any chance that comes along through lucky drops or diagonal connections.

You can keep making progress towards cornering your opponent. You need to keep up the pressure. Also, hold the drop openings for your opponent to exploit to win.

Take advantage of lucky drops and diagonal connections.

If you’re playing offensively, then try to keep the lower three rows clear. In that way when you get a lucky drop or a diagonal connection. Later, there’s no chance of your opponent filling in their place.

You can block the opponent’s checkers. It makes them unable to get through or take advantage of any opening created by an unlucky drop. If you have a move that takes two pieces at once, play it! It might not happen again soon!

The best time to go after four in a row is when one game solver manages to get into the corner. All the other player’s pieces block each other in this situation.

Watch out for your opponent’s power-plays.

Keep an eye on which of the board’s corner spaces are being blocked by a single checker. It will tell you the type of power play that should be taken by the two players.

Try to take advantage of these power-plays when they happen. Also, don’t be afraid to break some old connections to reestablish new ones. Take care of diagonal drops that connect two corners together.

This way you can stay ahead with your four-in-a-row quest. Besides, you can make it harder for your opponent to do the same simultaneously! In this case, try to keep the upper three rows clear and get rid of any solo pieces within them.

Your chances of winning a game of giant Connect 4 increase with each turn that you take, so don’t give up if it doesn’t look like you’re going to win after a few turns.

Don’t give up!

You shouldn’t be afraid to commit a piece or two. If necessary, even though you might be behind in pieces. Of course, sometimes, this will force the issue and make things happen. Eventually, one of your opponent’s pieces will block another and allow you to connect four in a row for victory!

So, keep playing as long as there is any hope. Your chances of winning a game of Connect 4 increase with each turn that you take. So don’t give up if it doesn’t look like you’re going to win after a few turns. Keep trying, and you’ll get that win!

Connect 4 Strategy – Playing It Safe or Taking Risks?

As with any board game, there are two approaches you could take when playing the jumbo Connect 4 board game: risk-taking and safety.

Some people prefer the cautious approach where they position themselves near one of their opponent’s corners. It helps to prevent them from gaining an easy win.

Others prefer the riskier approach where they place themselves closer to one of their own corners to prevent their opponent from trapping them there and forming a winning connection.

Regardless of the connect four strategies you use; it is always best to play with an opponent who has roughly the same playing style as you do. If your patience runs out quickly, playing an aggressive opponent might not be for you – unless you are a professional Connect 4 expert player!

Now you know all the tricks to win at Connect 4 game, so go ahead and play better than ever before! You can learn about more outdoor games here.

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