How to Play Giant Ring Toss Game- Everything You Should Know First

The giant ring toss game is a fun party game for all ages! Anyone, young or old, can play this classic ring toss game. While ring toss may seem like too easy of a game to play, you will quickly see how much fun it is when there’s a giant ring atop your next BBQ.

Ring toss is also known as skee ball in some places. They are both very similar games, but this guide focuses on ring toss only. You’ll learn how to play ring toss and what items are required to play ring toss at home or backyard parties alike. We’ll also help you learn how to set up the ring toss equipment and ring toss tips as a bonus.

Giant Ring Toss Games Instructions
Giant Ring Toss Games Instructions

What are Needed to Play Giant Ring Toss?

At a high level, ring toss is a simple game where players land rings on pegs. A ring on a peg earns them points, while a ring off the peg subtracts from their score. As with ski ball or regular ring toss, the player tries to get as close as possible without going over, earning 10 points per ring in some versions of ring toss. There are several different versions of ring toss games, but we’ll only discuss the rules for the common one below:

5 white standard pegs

We recommend using metal or wood variants instead of plastic variants. The durability of this variety is superior. It’s also less likely to fall over than comparable pegs.

5 ringers

Ring with a point value – Plastic, metal, or wood variants work just fine, and they’re all weighted the same for this ring toss game.

How to Play Giant Ring Toss Game

Do you want to know how to win ring toss game? Then, follow the below method:

To start ring toss, players need to decide if they will use ring ringer(s) or not. If you are, the ring ringer needs to be placed on the ring toss peg that is furthest away from where everyone will stand. After that, you can decide how many rings each player gets and who goes first (normally determined by a coin flip).

From there, players take turns throwing their ring at the giant ring toss game pegs. Also, they try to get as close as possible without going over. They can place their ring anywhere along the outer rim of the target, and it doesn’t count as a score if it lands on the flat centerpiece of each peg.

If a ring goes off the ring toss target, the ring is placed back on the ringer. If it lands on your peg, you get to keep that ring! Each ring scores 10 points when it’s on a ring toss peg (but not if it’s hanging off). The game ends when one player or team has reached 300 points.

If you don’t want ringers in ring toss, each player gets five rings, and players take turns throwing their ring at the targets. Then, aim to earn as many points as possible by dropping their ring on one of the pegs. But you should avoid any rings that are already there (which would subtract from their score). We recommend playing with 4-5 people per ring set up for this version of ring toss.

How to Play Giant Ring Toss
How to Play Giant Ring Toss

What Can Affect Your Score in Giant Ring Toss Games?

A few giant ring toss game variables can affect the score you get for your ring(s). These include:

Ringer weight

Each ring ringer is weighted to help balance the ring toss game. Since different ringers have different weights, it’ll affect how close or far away you can place your ring on the ring toss target (the closer, the more points). One popular variant of this game includes using two ringers at once. If you use two ringers in ring toss, they must be placed on opposite sides of where everyone will stand. This is because players cannot land their rings anywhere between those two ringers (so it’s like having one giant ringer

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Ring weight

The ring weight (plastic versus metal versus wood) does not affect where your ring can land on the ring toss target. Instead, it affects how far away you need to place your ring to get a score. Plastic ring weights are easier to throw and will require players to stand closer than metal or wood ring weights.

Peg weight

Unlike ring, ringer weight, peg weight has little effect on ring toss scores. It does determine how close each player needs to stand next to the ring toss target though. Using smaller pegs means that everyone needs to stay closed while larger ones mean that players can stand further away from the ring toss game. Don’t worry as the scoring of the ring toss game doesn’t depend on this distance.

Rings on ring toss target

This ring game can also be played with ringers on the ring toss pegs. In this version, you’ll get points for each ring that lands on a ring toss peg (not where it’s hanging off). If you have ringers in your ring toss set up, make sure everyone knows how to determine a ring score!

What Size Giant Ring Game Do You Need?

The hook and ring toss game comes in different sizes. It depends on the number of people playing at once! The smallest of them can fit up to 8 players (one ring at a time). If you have 9+ players, we recommend the medium-sized set, which includes 3 giant rings for each peg. The largest set holds 5 life-sized rings per ringer which means that 25 people can play simultaneously! Take a few out of the ringer if you need fewer people to ring ringers per ring toss ring target.

As mentioned above, ring toss scoring depends on where your ring is placed and not how far away you need to stand with your ring(s) in the ring toss. This makes ring toss ringers perfect for any ring party, wedding ring toss ceremony, or even an outdoor event since the game can be played indoors and outdoors.

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