How to Build a Ring Toss Game in 5 Easy Steps

Ring toss is simple to learn and fun for all ages. Make your own using everyday household items, including paper towel rolls, scotch tape, string or cord, and scissors. Creating your ring toss will save you money over buying one in the store, too! This article includes the method of how to build a ring toss game.

How to Build a Ring Toss Game
How to Build a Ring Toss Game

Steps to Make a Ring toss Game

First Step

Cut strips of paper approximately 2 inches wide by 12-18 inches long. Snip every 1/2 inch along the length of each strip so you have four triangle-shaped pieces per strip. These are for making the target rings later. Toss them away or keep them for another project.

Second Step

Get yourself two paper towel rolls that are about the same size. Using string or cord, wrap it around one roll enough times to make the first ring. Attach the ends in a knot, leaving a little longer on each side. Wrap another string around the second tube close to where you tied off your first strand of cord — this will be the handle for your toss game.

Third Step

Make four more rings using pieces of paper, as mentioned in step 1. There are many different colors of paper towel rolls for variety. So, consider painting or decorating them if you want before you start tying string or cord around them. Also, cut out circles from construction paper for color-coded teams if needed!

Fourth Step

Get two old hangers and remove all wire by untwisting it until there’s none left inside. Use pliers to bend the ends into circles. These are the base to hold up your target stands.

Fifth Step

Place one of your hanger bases against a wall or other flat surface, about 1/2 inch between the wall and the bottom edge of your hanger. Use tape to secure it by taping around all four sides of the hanger base to prevent it from moving during play.

Hang each target ring on separate pieces of string at different heights. They should be about 4-6 inches apart, along both sides of the hanger base, so they are evenly spaced out. Determine how high you want them by matching up their height with the varying ages and abilities of players who will be playing this game according to the chart below:

For instance, if you have four players in your game, they are all of the different heights. Make sure one ring is hung at 4 inches, one at 5 inches, one at 6 inches, and the last at 7 inches. If you have younger children playing this game, hang the rings lower to make reaching them easier.

After setting up everything, it’s time to play! Players take turns tossing a ring onto the hanger hooks. The player wins when they achieve their target with the most rings on the hanger.

The ring toss game can also be used as a fun party activity or outdoor family game. It’s perfect for picnics, barbecues, and more!

Here is an easy DIY Ring Toss Game Making Video:

How to Build a Ring Toss Game (Video Credit: Anika’s DIY Life)

Tips on How to Build a Ring Toss Game:

– If you’re having trouble getting rings to stay on the hanger, try using a small scotch tape piece on the end of each ring to secure it in place.

-Arrange more rings that need to be tossed onto the hanger at once to make it more interesting.

How to build a bottle ring toss game?

You can play varieties of ring tosses like “3 Strikes,” where the player gets three attempts to ring a bottle. If they miss all three times, no points are awarded, and their turn ends. Don’t forget to remove the bottles before attempting the next round! Remember playing is always more fun with friends! Have fun!

Tools needed for How to build a bottle ring toss game:

  • Empty water bottles (2L is best, but any size will work!)
  • Marker and scissors
  • String or rope
  • Scrap paper and tape

Steps for Making a Ring Toss Game with Bottles:

First Step

Cut the bottom of each bottle, so it’s flush with the opening. It should look like this:

Second Step

Take two pieces of scrap paper and tape them into a long strip.

Third Step

Roll the paper around itself until it forms a thick tube starting at one end.

Fourth Step

Tape down both ends to hold the tube together.

Fifth Step

Insert one end of the tube into a bottle

Sixth Step

Push the bottle up until the tube is all the way in. Also, keep it up till the paper is flush using a bottle opener.

Seventh Step

Make a dot using the marker on the top of the bottle where the paper meets the plastic.

Eights Step

Do this for each bottle.

Another ring toss video:

How to build a bottle ring toss game? (Video Credit: Crafters Autonomous)

How to Play a Bottle Ring Toss Game:

  1. Have one player stand or sit at one end of the playing area, anything from designated space on your lawn to a piece of tape on the floor marking the boundary line
  2. The player at the opposite end will toss rings (or other small objects) at bottles.
  3. If you’re using rings, players take turns tossing them at one or more bottles 4. Whoever gets the most rings around a bottle(s) wins

Now you have gained knowledge about how to build a ring toss game. It’s time to get creative with decorations and different ways to play for hours of family fun! Have a blast!

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