How to Play Spikeball? – Fun & Facts Together

In this article, you will know how to play Spikeball and vice versa. You will know the answer to “how do you play Spikeball game outdoor?”.

Spikeball game is played on half of a badminton court. Two teams of two players each face each other. They stay at both the sidelines of the playing area with one team on each side. Keep in mind that only two people per team are playing, not a full team.

How to Play Spikeball
How to Play Spikeball

What is Spikeball? – Spikeball Game Facts and Information

Spikeball is a team sport that basically involves bumping and bouncing the ball on your opponent’s court.

Spiking in this game means helping your teammate by keeping the ball off the ground while it bounces. It helps you score points. There are two players on each side of the net. Today, the netting is often replaced with a net made of netting called a “spike.”

No one is certain how the game started. But most sources claim it began in England. Also, it was named after an English player known as a spike.

Another claim of “spike” comes from a loud popping sound like a whip crack. This occurs when you hit the ball on the other side of the net.

When was Spikeball invented? – Spikeball Game History

The first question that pops into my mind about how to play Spikeball is “When was Spikeball invented?”.

We’ve had many claims over the years as to when this game was created. But without hard evidence, such claims are not truly accepted. Most likely, the game was played before the net was ever in use.

Spike Ball game was invented by Larry firstly as an alternative to volleyball, but later it had more variations added so now it has become more like a sport than just a game.

Information about Spikeball Sets

Today’s Spikeball sets are often made of durable plastic, rubber, or graphite. Usually, the nets used for indoor play will be constructed of more durable materials than those used on the court.

For outdoor play, such sets are generally composed of a sturdy plastic net. Durable netting covers the game. It can withstand adverse weather conditions. The Spikeballs themselves are stored in nets or on racks within a volleyball field. But all netting is subject to wear and tear.

A good Spikeball set, including the proper volleyball equipment, is essential for playing a fun sport. You can purchase a complete set for less than one hundred dollars. It depends on your choice of competition.

The basic set includes two or three volleyball balls, two or three nets, a hoop, and two hand spikes. Other equipment, such as basketballs and soccer balls, can be purchased separately.

If you are serious about playing competitive Spikeball, it is a good idea to invest in a good set from online retailers.

How to Setup Spikeball Game? – Spikeball Game Setup Guides

The following are simple steps towards setting up a Spikeball game:

Setting up the court:

First, decide the size of court you would love to play on. Its dimensions should be 20’x40’ (6mx12m).

Suppose you don’t have this much space available. Then, just ensure that you allow for at least half the court to be empty during gameplay.

Next, mark out two opposite sides of the court with cones or similar objects to make the sidelines.

Then, center a volleyball net in between these two sidelines and attach it to each sideline using rope or string for further guidelines.

You must make 2 small holes on either side of the net, about 1’ (0.3m) off the ground and 5” (12 cm) wide. These should be used as anchor points for your side flags.

Now, place either another pair of cones or something else like bottles on each side of the court. Also, the placement should be 20’ (6m) away from where you’ve placed the net. These will be used as boundaries for your side flags.

Preparing the Ball:

It’s time to prepare the ball you’ll use. A good quality volleyball is a good option. But you can take a solid rubber ball as the playing ball of the Spikeball game. The officials might supply one if there is no opportunity for replacement between games.

Place the ball on top of each line that defines each sideline and center court. This way players know where they’re allowed/ not allowed to stand during play. Also, it works as a guide for them while playing Spikeball games.

You should make sure that all these lines are perpendicular to the net and at exactly 5’ (1.5m) off the ground.

Spikeball Gameplay
Spikeball Gameplay

Preparing the Side Flags:

Now it’s time to prepare your side flags. This is a crucial part of the Spikeball game. So, let us talk about how you should go about doing it.

Place a flagpole at each corner of your court. Attach rope or string from these poles to where they meet in the middle on the opposite sideline.

The height of all these flagpoles should be adjustable too. Aluminum rods are usually used as flagpoles. But anything sturdy enough that can support weights is helpful if it isn’t easily breakable.

Next, tie two pieces of string together to form a loop, with one end being longer than the other. Slip this through each hole you made earlier and tie them together at the top.

Attach some weights to one of the shorter strings. Then, slip your side flags through this loop and adjust their height so that they’re 5 feet (1.5 meters) off the ground.

Ensure that each flag is facing opposite directions. You can mark these with “R” for right-handed players or “L” for left-handed players. It makes it easier to determine what side to hit from when playing a Spikeball game.

What are the Spikeball rules?

The main objective of the Spikeball game is to keep hitting the ball until somebody lets it touch their court. Otherwise, they will lose a point. The first team to put up 21 points wins the game.

Spikeball game has an extensive list of rules that need to be followed during play. We recommend that all players read through them before picking up a racquet or making their way to the court.

Spikeball game rules include:

Players have two opportunities to hit the ball:  once it’s served and it bounces back from their opponent’s net’s side.

They cannot touch the ball again once the ball has been hit.  It will continue until it bounces off an opponent’s side or reaches the net. If this happens, then that player is out, and play continues.

Suppose a player hits the ball before it touches anything else. After that, one point will be scored for the team. If a player hits another ball in play, then no points are awarded to anyone.

The opposing team gets two chances to return any balls they can reach from their net side. They should not leave their side and block any served balls.

Blocking a served ball stops it from moving anywhere. It is kind of like playing goalie in soccer.

When a “point” or “fault” is scored, the scoring team scores a point (or faults out). Assume that somebody hits the ball before it bounces on their net side. Then, they lose a point for this violation.

How to Play Spikeball Game Outdoor?

The following are simple steps toward playing the Spikeball game:

First, decide who serves first by spinning a bottle or any similar object between both teams. You can do it by hiding the bottle landing number. The team that spun it can choose if they want to serve or receive first. Then, it’ll be the other team’s turn.

To start off play, one player from each team must get in line by the net. Then, they must wait for their official’s signal to start the Spikeball game.

Once both teams are ready, play will begin when receiving player bounces the ball once on their side of the net. The ball hits their opponent’s side using any type of bounce possible (like a forehand or backhand shot). After it, they’re allowed five jumps before hitting the ball again.

A point is scored when at least 1 object of the Spikeball game’s course touches each opposing player’s half-court line.

A player hits the ball into the air twice without touching anything on its way down, “killshot” happens. They’re allowed to take as many jumps as they need before hitting the ball again for another point.

Every time you hit the ball it must touch your own side of the court after bouncing. If it does not happen, your opponent gets a point and can keep playing the Spikeball game.

Imagine, a Spikeball game ‘s course touches an opposing player’s net line/s or sidelines. Then, their opponents score a point, and play goes on from where the fault happened.


So, now you know how to play the Spikeball game with some exciting facts. It is in fact a fantastic outdoor game to enjoy with friends and family. Yet you can set up and play Spikeball at home as an indoor game.

We hope you liked the article. Have a happy holiday!

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