How to Win at Yahtzee & Score Better

Many of us love to play yard dice games. It’s a great way to enjoy moments with friends and family. But sometimes, we remain limited to a few variations of dice games to play. As an example: we cannot figure out how to win at Yahtzee.

You will know about this indoor dice game, Yahtzee (also known as Yardzee) in this article,. You can learn how to play Yahtzee and win in the game:

How to Win at Yahtzee
How to Win at Yahtzee


Yahtzee is a game for two or more players. Pencil and paper can be useful stuff to play this game. But it’s meant to be a dice game. So, a Yahtzee set is really the best way to play. The internet has many free Yahtzee score sheets that you can print out and use.

How to Play Yardzee / Yahtzee Game:

Following the below methods or instructions, you can be the winner of the game. These may sound complex at first. But after a while, you can easily adapt the game rules of Yahtzee. You will also know how to win at Yahtzee with buddies.

Yahtzee Set-Up:

To start, each player needs a Yahtzee score sheet. Each sheet has spots for five games of Yahtzee.

The players will roll five times for each game. One player is the scorekeeper and records everyone’s points on this sheet throughout the entire game.

Every player takes turns rolling the dice while taking one turn at once. On each turn, you get to roll five times. You can roll all five dice at once, or you can roll the first die. Then, decide if you want to keep that number or re-roll. You can’t pick and choose which dice to roll; you must roll all your dice on each turn.

Yahtzee Instructions:

  • In “doubles”, you roll two of the same number. You score that number. The best way to start a game of Yahtzee is with three doubles, right off the bat.
  • If you roll one of each number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) this is called “the full house,” and you score 25 points.
  • You will get “a Yahtzee” if you roll five of the same number, and you score 50 points.
  • On each turn, you can score a “Yahtzee”, a full house, or three of a kind. Your turn will come when you roll the dice and get doubles, a full house, or three of a kind you cannot score for simply rolling the dice.
Yahtzee Game Rules
Yahtzee Game Rules

How to Score in Yahtzee:

Scoring a Yahtzee is great because you can keep rolling and try to score one on your next turn as well. If you score a Yahtzee on your second turn, this is called “a Yahtzee box”, and it’s only worth 25 points.

You can score a Yahtzee box as often as you roll two Yahtzees in a row. That means, if you start with three Yahtzees, you can score three Yahtzee boxes.

If you start with two Yahtzees and get another on your next turn, you can score a Yahtzee box on that turn as well. However, if at any point you fail to get Yahtzee (not even a Yahtzee box), you can no longer score a Yahtzee on that turn.

I assume you have rolled three of a kind and get another one of the same numbers on next roll. Then, you can score three of a kind again. This is called “making Yahtzee”, and it’s worth 50 points. You can only “make Yahtzee” as many times as you roll three of a kind in a row.

It is time to use the strategy of the game. You get an idea of which numbers are better to roll, and when.

If you have a lot of small numbers on your sheet, that means Yahtzee will be worth fewer points.

Suppose you have most of your numbers in your teens or 20s. Then rolling anything that doesn’t make Yahtzee is likely to be worth fewer points.

Once you’ve completed your five games of Yahtzee, that’s the end of the game. You score up all your Yahtzees and add up your total.

The player who threw away their score sheet first is declared the winner when it appears as a tie game.

There are many variations of rules, but this is the classic ruleset. I hope you win the Yahtzee soon.

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