20 Reasons Why Everyone is Obsessed with Ludo Games

Are you wondering why everyone is obsessed with Ludo games? Certainly, there are reasons to get this game as an attractive one.

Ludo is an awesome game to play with 2-4 players. It has been a popular game around the world, especially in Asia. The role of dice and moving the Ludo pieces make the game better to understand and enjoy.

Why Everyone is Obsessed with Ludo Games
Why Everyone is Obsessed with Ludo Games

Why Everyone is Obsessed with Ludo Games

Ludo is a game that requires almost no knowledge or strength to play. It has been remade into a brand-new phenomenon that adults and children alike can’t get enough of.

What makes Ludo stand out from other board games? It’s not the fact that it brings back memories from someone’s childhood, nor is it the ease of how quickly you can learn to play. In fact, there are many reasons why everyone is fixated on this classic board game.

Why is Everyone Playing Ludo Games?

There are probably over 20 different reasons why everyone is obsessed with this board game, including:

  1. Ludo is a board game that’s easy to learn and play but can also be changed depending on your preference. People of all ages can play!
  2. The rules are simple, making it so that you don’t have to think too hard when playing. Roll the dice and move following the game. No prior need for strategy or skills.
  3. The game requires very little time, making it perfect for people who aren’t into slow-moving games like Dungeons & Dragons.
  4. It costs next to nothing, becoming available from toy stores everywhere for under four bucks! This makes it affordable for anyone looking to add a fun new board game into their life!
  5. You can play it anywhere at any time since this board game is so universal.
  6. There is no need for special equipment to play Ludo. A board comes with the game. You need not to think about materials to make Ludo pieces or dice.
  7. This board game gives you a chance to catch up with family members, whether you’re related by blood or not. People become like a family when they play this game long enough.
  8. The game has no time limit, making it perfect for someone who doesn’t want to rush through their day’s events, but also still likes to enjoy themselves at the same time!
  9. Playing this game is good practice for talent and may even help fight against dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  10. There are so many variants of the game, providing people with even more options for how to play Ludo!
Reasons to Play Ludo Games
Reasons to Play Ludo Games

More Reasons to Play Ludo Games

  1. The design of the board is simple but also beautiful! It is no wonder that people adapted it into other games like the famous Monopoly Junior.
  2. Everything about this board game makes you want to be social, whether that means staying in or welcoming company over! It’s a great way to interact with others, especially if you’re home alone!
  3. This game doesn’t require any reading ability since all you do is roll the dice and move your pieces accordingly. Thus, it becomes one of the easiest games for both young children and adults! Wherever they go or who they’re playing with, they can understand the basics of Ludo.
  4. The game forces people to take a break from their phones or other electronics occasionally. But doesn’t cut them off completely. This is the perfect board game for those looking to take a “digital detox” without going cold turkey!
  5. It’s all about chance and luck as opposed to strategy or numbers since you can’t strategize or plan exactly how to win — you just must play and hope that things work out for you! That makes this board game super casual and truly relaxing.
  6. People won’t even realize that they’re exercising because all they do is roll the dice and move their pieces around the board, but they’ll be getting a good workout regardless.
  7. You can make a game out of anything, even Ludo! If you’ve lost the pieces to the original board game, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to play this favorite without them.
  8. People love playing this board game as a family because it’s not only easy to learn. But it also helps bring everyone together into one room where everyone is doing their own thing. That makes it easier for people from different generations and backgrounds to bond with one another through what might seem like a simple children’s activity.
  9. Ludo is an international classic continuing to dominate popular culture no matter where you go. From England and France to Pakistan and Japan, people of all ages and cultures play Ludo daily!
  10. Many believe that Ludo is more complex than it seems since some people find ways to bend the rules that come with the game (such as rolling more than one die at once or moving pieces diagonally). You never know what kind of twists and turns each new round will bring — it’s one of the best parts of this popular board game!

Final Words

Still, do you want to know why everyone is obsessed with Ludo games?

Ludo is really an obsession just after you start the first game. We will share how to play the Ludo game in another article. Happy Gaming!

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